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Kite is reporting for duty October 12, 2008

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I am leaving for BT (basic training) on the 14th at Fort Jackson where I won’t have access to the internet until December, so this blog will be on hold (not that it was undated regularly anyways).  Hopefully I will have some great material to write about when I get back like the status of anime fandom in the US armed forces or my trials and tribulations of getting access to my fansub addic- err hobby while in a restricted and regulated environment.  I suspect that the streaming video sites like YouTube and crunchyroll that I use to scoff at will become my new best friend.. my eyes are going to get ruined squinting at that low rez crap <.<

This is a terrible time to be shipping out, the fall 2008 anime just started and several shows have piqued my interest and I am going to miss the entire season and the beginning of Winter as well =/  What happens in Ga-Rei Zero after the “Nice Coffee” massacre?  Does Toradora continue the awesomeness of the second episode?  Can GAINAX deliver the awesomeness with Shikabane and how does the MIL- err Sanae let Sunohara down gently after their fake “date”.  And what the hell is going on in Chaos;head?  I’ll be pondering these questions while shivering my butt off in the muck and cold while you guys are watching your torrented ill-gotten illegal fansubs in the comfort and warmth of your homes in front of your computers.. I haet you all :o(

At least when I get to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) I will have be able to bring a laptop.. maybe it would be a good time to change my desktop to something less .. cute.  bai bai Horo =/



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