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Name That Director? July 19, 2008

Posted by Kite in Uncategorized.

After three months of forgetting this blog’s existence, I’m back. What prompted this return post is a podcast called Anime World Order, I discovered them a while back upon the recommendation of some online friends who swore they found an anime podcast that doesn’t suck. The hosts are old school fans who know their shit, their commentary aren’t noobish like the ones found on most message boards, and for the most part the audio is bearable. For those who are late to the party like me, give them a listen.

One of their occasional segments is The Search for THE TRUTH where they interview anime con goers (to mock mercilessly on their show), and one of their questions was “other than Hayao Miyazaki, can you name three anime directors? I laughed at the yokels for their failure to name any.. until I tried to name a few myself and panicked for a few seconds before random Japanese names started popping into my head and I managed to crap out enough to not entirely embarrass myself.

So how many can you name (without cheating), why aren’t their names more well known among the general anime community, and how important are these guys really? I’ve seen many posts of “lol it’s made by GONZO so it is gonna suck”, but shouldn’t the blame really be placed on the director instead? In the future I am going to pay more attention to the people working on the cartoons I’m watching (and not just the voice actresses with cute voices). May this new found resolve last longer then my last one to keep this blog alive and active?

And for the record, the directors I could name are:

  1. Hayao Miyazaki
  2. Shinichi Watanabe (these first two really shouldn’t count..)
  3. Satoshi Kon
  4. Goro Miyazaki (only because of the conflict with his father, that famous guy)
  5. Makoto Shinkai
  6. Go Nagai (one of the most awesome names ever?)
  7. Mamoru Oshii
  8. That Daichi guy who makes all those funny shows (Akitaro Daichi)
  9. Killem all Tomino! (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Hopefully I can still claim some anime geek cred



1. dm - July 19, 2008

Satoshi Kon
Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Urusei Yatsura)
Akiyuki Shinbou (Soul Taker, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko, Pani Poni Dash, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
Ryutaru Nakamura (Lain, Kino, Armitage III
Yoshitoshi Abe (Haibane Renmei)
(something) Ueda (NieA_7)
Isao Takahata (the other founder of Studio Ghibli)
Leiji Matsumoto (Harlock, Queen Millenia)
Hideaki Anno (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, Kare Kano)
Gundam Tomino
Koji Morimoto (Mind Game, Eternal Family, Princess Arete, part of Memories, and I think a bunch of other Studio 4C stuff.
Rintaro (Metropolis, another part of Memories)

and gosh, I could kick myself for forgetting Shinkai, Watanabe and Daichi.

2. Daryl Surat - July 20, 2008

On the contrary, you’re supposed to listen BECAUSE we’re anti-moe! Actually, Clarissa and Gerald wish it to be known that they are not anti-moe the way I am, so when the purgings inevitably happen I’ll see to it that they be permitted to survive until the penultimate wave.

The comments for the latest episode of AWO contain some postings that may shed some light on who or what is to blame for Gonzo’s poor track record. Also, in response to the above post, while it’s true that Koji Morimoto is the man over at Studio 4C, Mind Game was actually directed by Masaaki Yuasa.

3. anime-girl - July 21, 2008

Great post! Would you be interested in modding or a admin of a anime community?

4. animegirl - July 31, 2008

Planning on updating?

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