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4th Season of Maria-sama ga Miteru Confirmed January 18, 2008

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The broadcast date and time is uncertain at the moment, but I’m just happy that more yuri-licious tales from the Lillian All-Girls Catholic High School is incoming \o/  However with the untimely demise of USA Geneon, I wonder if the first 3 seasons will ever see the light of day here in the US..

Fun fact from the ANN article: that the Rose Mansion from the anime is being recreated in Second Life.. maybe I should finally register an account despite all the horror stories and shenanigans I’ve heard of the place.

source: Anime News Network article:


The Voices Behind the Moans: What Eroge Seiyuu really look like January 16, 2008

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I’m surprised that most of them look pretty normal, definitely not the freak show I was fearing. My libido is not in (total) dispair!

source: Danny Choo’s blog

According to Normal People: What Otaku Look Like January 15, 2008

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goo Ranking is a large Japanese polling site and in November 2007 over 1k people completed a questionnaire about what they thought an otaku looks like. Here is the top five results for both males and females, the source has the full list.

Q1: What characteristic in males makes you feel he looks like an otaku? (Sample size=1,101)

  • Anime print t-shirt
  • Anime print paper bag
  • Bum Bag/fanny pack
  • Wearing a bandanna around the head in a hachimaki style
  • Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers –

Q2: What characteristic in females makes you feel she looks like an otaku? (Sample size=1,101)

  • Anime print paper bag
  • Anime print t-shirt
  • Gothic-Lolita fashion
  • Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers
  • Big thick glasses

My list would have included the need for deodorant and a bath <.<

Musings of a Former Anime Club Officer: The Random Fansub Slot January 15, 2008

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I like starting off every club meeting with the fist episode of a fansub from the current season, this gives people who are running a little late an extra half hour or so to show up and not miss anything from the main schedule. It also allows me to introduce more casual members to the latest anime from Japan and hopefully expand their horizons with new types of anime they wouldn’t normally watch themselves.

However an early mistake I made was forgetting that most people who come to a club just want to have fun. So starting off with a slow serious show like Mushishi.. not a good idea. Some smart ass just has to make some snarky comment and then the inevitable MST3King will follow. Some shows are just meant to be enjoyed by yourself or with a small group I suppose. I have to force myself to take off my elitist anime-snob hat and remember that my job is to provide my members with a good time.

Lets pretend you are the officer in charge of setting up the fansub slot for this Spring 08 semester, what shows would you mine from this list?

  • Rosario and She is my Noble Master are a trashy shows but sure to get lots of laughs
  • Zoku Sayonara Sensei is a no brainer since the first season was a HUGE hit
  • Macross Frontier is another must show
  • Gunslinger Girls season 2 is a NoGo, I’m not going to taint people’s memories of the excellent first season with this disappointment
  • Persona Trinity Soul will probably put people to sleep, not a good way to begin a meeting
  • True Tears, Shigofumi, H2O and Hatenkou Yuugi are going to be tough sells..

So.. 4 slots out of 10 or 11 filled.. pray that the April Spring season brings something worthy for the last meeting or two.. yeah I’m glad I’m not in charge of this crap anymore =p