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Chow Yun-Fat = Master Roshi wtf? December 19, 2007

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So the action star of many a bloody John Woo bullet opera is now going to play a lecherous old martial arts mentor in Twentieth Century Fox’s live action Dragon Ball movie.. I am speechless.. dammit Hollywood stop ruining my childhood idols! >_<

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Domestic manga releases doing well, anime.. not so much December 17, 2007

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According to this article from icv2.com

  • The number of 2007 anime releases are decreasing compared to the previous year’s
    • Anime saw a decline of releases around 20% in 2007
      • This does not include the fall of Geneon in October
  • The number of new manga new volumes are continuing to increase
    • In a survey, manga publishers are likely to increase the number of manga volumes published in 2008 by 18%
      • This is after a 35% increase in 2007

3rd season of Higurashi confirmed December 17, 2007

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source: No other information is available at this time but more Hanyū can not be a bad thing :3

Another open letter about fansubs December 15, 2007

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The latest one is by the president of GDH International, the parent company of Gonzo. The shitstorm started after an interview with activeanime.com where Arthor Smith compared watching fansubs of unlicensed anime to “smashing the window of a Mac Store and taking an iPhone the day before it is released.” Please read and make up your own mind. Omo’s post detailing all the major positions in the “fansub war” and the previous open letter by an anime industry insider make for some interesting reading reading.

Cross Climb December 15, 2007

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At New York Anime Fest, anime director Kobun Shizuno (Giant Robo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elfen Lied) showed off a trailer to his newest show called Cross Climb during one of his panels. From what I can tell it is about a woman named Ruby who has no luck with men. In an effort to reinvent herself she joins a virtual reality mmorpg called Cross Climb where she can become a dragon-slaying knight or pilot a transforming race car/mech. Of course all this fun cannot be contained when dreams and reality mix and all the online monsters escaping into the real world..

Hopefully this will turn out alright but the trailer looks plain silly. The oh-so-serious Mr Trailer voice didn’t help -_- This looks like a GONZO would crank out.

Nice boa- err.. booth? December 14, 2007

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It is good to see that Overflow has a good sense of humor. They are the software company that made the visual novel School Days that was later adapted into an anime that was embroiled in the Nice Boat! controversy. Now if they have a disemboweled Sekai hugpillow at their booth I’d have to order it no matter how expensive the shipping!

Kyon's imouto bag!?

first post December 13, 2007

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I now know it is true that the hardest part of writing are the first few sentences. Luckily I am not much of a wordsmith and this blog is hardly serious business so I’ll just let things flow and hope what appears is understandable enough.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Eric aka Kite and this is my first attempt at writing in a semi-organized manner. The purpose of this blog is mainly for myself, with the never-ending flow of fansubs and new anime coming out I find myself over-consuming and not taking enough time to digest it all. So maybe planning and writing out my thoughts will force myself to slow down and maybe appreciate what I’m watching more?

..heh I’ll probably go the easy route and just link to the posts of more talented and interesting bloggers. Maybe I’ll also post interesting stuff from the internet when I find them. So those looking for in-depth episode analysis and thoughtful essays on fandom are in the wrong place. Cheers and enjoy Kotoko’s song this blog is named after and some Fate/Stay Night (: