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Live-action Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer March 6, 2009

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activeAnime has posted a theatrical trailer for a live-action adaptation of Production IG’s Blood: The Last Vampire movie about a half human-half vampire katana-wielding girl named Saya who hunts down vampires for the US government.  The movie will open in Japan on May 29, in the UK on June 12, and France on June 17.  Universal Pictures has the domestic rights but there is no word on an US release date. 

It looks better then most live-action anime adaptations but I am not thrilled with the wuxia wire-fu stuff.  The movie didn’t have that stuff, though since the producer and several of the writers have worked on films like Kiss of the Dragon, Fearless and the Once Upon a Time in China series I should not be surprised.  The actress playing Saya looks nice though, inbetween the butch movie Saya and the too petite Blood+ anime version.


Musings of a Former Anime Club Officer #2: Quick Random thoughts while waiting for class to start zzZZzz.. March 6, 2009

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  • Be aggressive and advertise everywhere you can.  My last anime club languished in obscurity for nearly three years  with less then 8 active members before finally getting some new blood in leadership positions.  After putting up posters all over the student union and covering the Engineering and Computer Science buildings with fliers, membership shot up to 40+ in weeks.
  • Have officers who are knowledgeable about anime and have a wide variety of tastes.  And don’t go too old school, I wish it were otherwise but in my experience any pre 90’s anime tends to turn off newer fans. 
  • At least one of the officers needs a good laptop with tv-out, a working dvd drive and a harddrive full of fansubs who is reliable and shows up to meetings.
  • Bring Japanese snacks and drinks, go to your local asian mart and stock up on fan favorites like Pocky and Ramune and sell them at meetings for a little profit.  You can also branch out and try other asian snacks like White Rabbit or Hi-Chew.
  • A club message board to post meeting schedules, announcements is invaluable. 

First Duty Station March 5, 2009

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I am going to be stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington with the 593rd Sustainment Brigade.  If anyone knows about the base or what local sights are worth checking out please let me know.  Seattle is about an hours drive away and has a sizable asian population (around 16.6% according to wikipedia) so hopefully there will be plenty of anime and manga related shops in the area.  A buddy in my class got Korea as his first duty station and another got Hawaii.. lucky bastards *envious*

Kite is reporting for duty October 12, 2008

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I am leaving for BT (basic training) on the 14th at Fort Jackson where I won’t have access to the internet until December, so this blog will be on hold (not that it was undated regularly anyways).  Hopefully I will have some great material to write about when I get back like the status of anime fandom in the US armed forces or my trials and tribulations of getting access to my fansub addic- err hobby while in a restricted and regulated environment.  I suspect that the streaming video sites like YouTube and crunchyroll that I use to scoff at will become my new best friend.. my eyes are going to get ruined squinting at that low rez crap <.<

This is a terrible time to be shipping out, the fall 2008 anime just started and several shows have piqued my interest and I am going to miss the entire season and the beginning of Winter as well =/  What happens in Ga-Rei Zero after the “Nice Coffee” massacre?  Does Toradora continue the awesomeness of the second episode?  Can GAINAX deliver the awesomeness with Shikabane and how does the MIL- err Sanae let Sunohara down gently after their fake “date”.  And what the hell is going on in Chaos;head?  I’ll be pondering these questions while shivering my butt off in the muck and cold while you guys are watching your torrented ill-gotten illegal fansubs in the comfort and warmth of your homes in front of your computers.. I haet you all :o(

At least when I get to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) I will have be able to bring a laptop.. maybe it would be a good time to change my desktop to something less .. cute.  bai bai Horo =/

Name That Director? July 19, 2008

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After three months of forgetting this blog’s existence, I’m back. What prompted this return post is a podcast called Anime World Order, I discovered them a while back upon the recommendation of some online friends who swore they found an anime podcast that doesn’t suck. The hosts are old school fans who know their shit, their commentary aren’t noobish like the ones found on most message boards, and for the most part the audio is bearable. For those who are late to the party like me, give them a listen.

One of their occasional segments is The Search for THE TRUTH where they interview anime con goers (to mock mercilessly on their show), and one of their questions was “other than Hayao Miyazaki, can you name three anime directors? I laughed at the yokels for their failure to name any.. until I tried to name a few myself and panicked for a few seconds before random Japanese names started popping into my head and I managed to crap out enough to not entirely embarrass myself.

So how many can you name (without cheating), why aren’t their names more well known among the general anime community, and how important are these guys really? I’ve seen many posts of “lol it’s made by GONZO so it is gonna suck”, but shouldn’t the blame really be placed on the director instead? In the future I am going to pay more attention to the people working on the cartoons I’m watching (and not just the voice actresses with cute voices). May this new found resolve last longer then my last one to keep this blog alive and active?

And for the record, the directors I could name are:

  1. Hayao Miyazaki
  2. Shinichi Watanabe (these first two really shouldn’t count..)
  3. Satoshi Kon
  4. Goro Miyazaki (only because of the conflict with his father, that famous guy)
  5. Makoto Shinkai
  6. Go Nagai (one of the most awesome names ever?)
  7. Mamoru Oshii
  8. That Daichi guy who makes all those funny shows (Akitaro Daichi)
  9. Killem all Tomino! (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Hopefully I can still claim some anime geek cred

Blade of the Immortal to be animated by Bee Train this Summer March 23, 2008

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source: Anime News Network

For those who are not familiar with the series, Blade if the Immortal is an award winning manga by Hiroaki Samura about a ronin who caused the death of 100 swordsmen including his sister’s husband and is now cursed to immortality by “blood worms” that keep him alive no matter how serious the wound and can even reattach severed limbs. In order to find peace Manji now has to kill 1,000 evil men. One day he meets a young woman named Rin whose parents were killed by a doujo called the Itto-ryu (who believe that any technique is valid no matter its origins ow how devious or underhanded it is) and agrees to help her get revenge. The manga is published in North America by Dark Horse.

I would have preferred that Blade of the Immortal be adapted as an OVA instead because the manga’s main attractions are the beautiful artwork and extremely violent material and I doubt that Bee Train can pull it off technically and in a tv series format. The director and animators are the same as Noir and .Hack//Sign.. so there should be a lot of still shots and lazy animation. My expectations are pretty low for this. I just wish Madhouse or Production I.G. were doing this instead, Seirei no Moribito and Shigurui level animation would do this series justice.

edit: March 6, 2009

How disappointing, Beetrain fails yet again.  I so wanted this anime to be worthy of the manga -__-

Spring 2008 Anime Preview February 18, 2008

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All of the summaries and pics came from AniDB, the ANN Encyclopedia, MyAnimeList.net, and Baka-Updates Manga and the first air dates came from The Fansub Wiki. I will update this entry with links to trailers soon. This upcoming season looks pretty good with no h-game adaptations and plenty of more mature looking shows and some sci-fi. Personally I’m looking forward to checking out Tower of Druaga, Toshokan Sensou (Fahrenheit 451 meets Read or Die?), Allison & Lillia (reminds me of Last Exile somehow) and Crystal Blaze.


4th Season of Maria-sama ga Miteru Confirmed January 18, 2008

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The broadcast date and time is uncertain at the moment, but I’m just happy that more yuri-licious tales from the Lillian All-Girls Catholic High School is incoming \o/  However with the untimely demise of USA Geneon, I wonder if the first 3 seasons will ever see the light of day here in the US..

Fun fact from the ANN article: that the Rose Mansion from the anime is being recreated in Second Life.. maybe I should finally register an account despite all the horror stories and shenanigans I’ve heard of the place.

source: Anime News Network article:

The Voices Behind the Moans: What Eroge Seiyuu really look like January 16, 2008

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I’m surprised that most of them look pretty normal, definitely not the freak show I was fearing. My libido is not in (total) dispair!

source: Danny Choo’s blog

According to Normal People: What Otaku Look Like January 15, 2008

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goo Ranking is a large Japanese polling site and in November 2007 over 1k people completed a questionnaire about what they thought an otaku looks like. Here is the top five results for both males and females, the source has the full list.

Q1: What characteristic in males makes you feel he looks like an otaku? (Sample size=1,101)

  • Anime print t-shirt
  • Anime print paper bag
  • Bum Bag/fanny pack
  • Wearing a bandanna around the head in a hachimaki style
  • Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers –

Q2: What characteristic in females makes you feel she looks like an otaku? (Sample size=1,101)

  • Anime print paper bag
  • Anime print t-shirt
  • Gothic-Lolita fashion
  • Bag plastered with anime-related patches, stickers
  • Big thick glasses

My list would have included the need for deodorant and a bath <.<